Below is a sample of the services I provide. It's an abbreviated list but let's connect to learn more about what you are trying to accomplish and how I might help meet your goals with Salesforce.

Consulting a◾nd Strategy

◾Salesforce is an incredibly flexible and customizable platform that can enable great solutions that deliver real, tangible value to your company and users. This flexibility can also lead to poor implementations that make users never want to touch Salesforce again. With over 15 years of Salesforce experience and working with companies across many industries, I can ensure your Salesforce deployment will succeed.

I'll work with you and your company to understand the challenges you and your users face and the best way to address those challenges using the wide range of features Salesforce provides. Together we can turn Salesforce into more than a glorified contact manager and build solutions your users love while also delivering measurable value to your company.

Salesforce Administration

New Salesforce Implementations
Workflow Rules
Approval Processes
Reports and Dashboards
Process Builder Automation
Validation Rules
Permissions and Security
Custom Objects and Page Layouts
Data Migrations
Sandbox to Production Deployments

Salesforce Development

Apex Triggers
Apex Batch Jobs
Apex Test Coverage
Background Processing
3rd Party API integrations
Visualforce pages
Visualforce to Lightning Conversions
Lightning Web Components
Heroku Applications
CI/CD using Scratch Orgs
ISV and Managed Packages

Amazon Web Services

Migration of Heroku Apps to AWS
Migration of AWS Apps to Heroku
Elasticbeanstalk deployments
CI/CD deployments to AWS
Serverless Lambda functions
RDS deployments
...and more.

Full-Stack Software Development

APIs with Node.js and Express
Frontend applications with React and Angular
Relational database modeling and deployment
...and much more.

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